The Artisan Winegrowers of Central Otago (AWCO) is a modest group of like-minded friends who share a common interest and devotion to small batch, high quality viticulture and winemaking that speak of a place and a person. It’s as much a story about the land, the aspect, the soil, the geology and the climate as it is the personality of the grower, their statutes, the decisions they make and the little part of them that finds a home in every bottle of wine. These are one-man-bands; individuals or couples who you will find in the vineyard each morning, at the winery during the afternoon and fussing over paperwork and sales of an evening. The crossover between passion and obsession is a fine line; a tightrope that each member playfully strides passionately along.

What makes an artisan?

To be an artisan is to apply an art form, a level of craftsmanship that results in a distinctive, high quality, finite resource. The criteria set out for members of the organization limits total production to 2000 cases, in addition to intimate owner involvement (no absentee), a proven track record and quality assessment by peers, dedication to their brand (no “for sale” signs here) and character befitting that of the group (there are never dry throats at the “meetings”). AWCO also serves as a forum for members to seek advice and assistance on various topics and issues, pooling resources and experience to benefit one another.

The Artisan Winegrowers of Central Otago comprises:

  • Ellero (John and Roberta Montero)
  • Georgetown Vineyard (Ian Dee)
  • Lindis River (Holger Reinecke)
  • Lowburn Ferry (Jean and Roger Gibson)
  • Maori Point (John Harris and Marilyn Duxson)
  • TOSQ (Carl and Sue Thompson)

For more details about each vineyard visit our members page.